Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Love Yourself

The time is now
The path is clear
The Thumb Buddies have one common goal
Unite all people
Respect & Treasure Life
No matter where you come from
No matter what race you are
We are all the same
So as the Thumb Buddies say

Be true to yourself
Love The Skin I`m In - Self Respect

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Tidings

Christmas is coming and all through the house there is a sense of peace and calm
The stars are twinkling and bright
Moving fast and quick 4 stars in the night

What are these stars that come to us in the night
Four little characters are in flight
Their names - Cookie, Shaker & Mr. & Mrs. Oopsie
They are the Thumb Buddies sure and true
Coming to visit us

We come from afar right to where you are
Bringing love and positivity from the stars
Sent to you from Monty our Creator
A wizard whose love for mankind is strong and true

Spreading positivity wherever we go
So join us on our journey

Visit our website and read all about us
Wear our positive t-shirts and spread the word
Fill your hearts and minds with positive thoughts and deeds

Merry Christmas
Blessings & Good Tidings to All

Monday, November 7, 2016

Positive Messages

Racism and Hate are so prevalent in our societies today
We must do all we can to change the tide of negativity that is flooding our world

We must spread positive messages through all venues
Through the media, music, books, messages on clothes, all facets of communication

The Thumb Buddies are our way of spreading positivity
We have Thumb Buddies t-shirts that cover a vast variety of topics
Visit our website and take a look at all the cool t-shirts


Friday, September 9, 2016

Magic, Positivity - Meet The Thumb Buddies

Do you Believe in Magic
In things Seen and Unseen

Do you believe in Karma
What goes around comes around

We believe that Positive Minds will lead to Positive Choices
We believe in promoting positive ideas

From their conception, the Thumb Buddies were created to do just that
Read all about their mission, their journey into our world 

Meet the Thumb Buddies and their creator Monty the wizard
Join them on their Story Book Adventures
First of many to come - The Dream