Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Stars In the Night

When you look upon the stars at night
When you see them shine so bright
Do you think of the wonder of this sight

Out of those beautiful stars shining so bright
Came the Thumb Buddies one night
Four stars flying straight to earth
A blaze of light so beautiful to the sight

Their mission so noble
Help mankind with their plight
Sent to earth by their creator Monty
Wisest of wizards  

Be strong my children and spread the words
Through thought and deed shall mankind see
What is and what could be
A world of hate or a world of love

The Thumb Buddies are trying to spread positivity through many means
Read about their mission and follow them on their many journeys
Take a glimpse into their world

Through their many Positive Messages t-shirts to their short stories
Learn all about them and help to spread the LOVE

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