Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thumb Buddies Vow To Help Protect Your Children

What the world needs now more than ever is positive influences
Children are exposed to things that their young brains have trouble processing
Dangers that are real and frightening
We as parents have the obligation to protect our children
This is no easy task as we can not be with them every minute
We put our trust in those we feel will have our children’s safety and well being at heart
Nevertheless we as parents have to use every avenue possible to give our child a fighting chance to protect themselves

We know, we are parents too & have faced many challenges in protecting & educating our child
To protect themselves in different circumstances that may arise is a never ending process
The Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game was created by Parents for Parents/Teachers to inform and educate children in a challenging way
Children can play and learn how to protect themselves

More than ever our precious children are at risk
The Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game is here to help
Play, Learn, Think, React & Keep Safe

The Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game is undergoing a new design.

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