Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Our Children - Their Future

Times are changing and not for the best
Look at what is happening in our societies today
We are in trouble and in for the fight of our lives
The biggest fear for any parent is for their children

Every day, every hour that goes by our children are bombarded by negative influences
They are losing their innocence and becoming more and more anti-social
Bullying is at an Ultimate High, not just for children but adults alike

The human race is at crisis
We need more positive influences
More feel good products to counteract the negative

Our Children are exposed to violence on a daily basis - TV, videos, games, bullying  
We have to come together as people to try to reverse the damage
A Mind is a terrible thing to waste

We at DeCouto are fighting for a better way, a peaceful way
The Thumb Buddies are our feel good factor 
Let them help to put a smile on your face, to hear you laugh and take you on a positive journey
Please take a look at our website and see what we are trying to accomplish

Children need our help
We need your help

Join us, we would be honored to have you aboard

Our Motto - Positive Minds = Positive Choices

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