Monday, September 23, 2019

Children Born In Innocense

There is a song that I love - 7 seconds, sang by  Youssou n'Dour & Neneh Cherry

The words are so beautiful and true that it brings tears to my eyes

Every child that is born into this world is beautiful and pure

They have no concept of race, religion, jealousy, hate, envy, prejudice

Born with an open slate

It is us, the adults, that corrupt that innocence 

Negative influences surround us every day

As parents we have to show our children the way

We can not keep living in a world that is intolerant and full of hate

We must teach our children to be open-minded, to think for themselves

We at DeCouto have a saying - Positive Minds = Positive Choices

For our world to evolve

For our people to survive we must change

The future of our world depends on it

The Thumb Buddies were created for kids of all ages

They are educational and entertaining with a real emphasis on values and respect

Their mission is simple

To impart positive messages to kids and the community at large

Bring people closer to one another through understanding

Demonstrate that all things are possible when the mind is open

Through our children there is a chance for a new society

A strong, tolerant beautiful world can be ours

The Thumb Buddies would like to be part of the solution

Beautiful words of inspiration sang by Bob Marley - One Love, One heart - Let's get together and feel all right." I'm pleading to mankind - Give thanks and praise to the Lord

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