Monday, September 2, 2019

Days Of Family Unity

Remember the days when you were a child
Days filled with school and playing with friends
Families would spend time together
There was no computers, no mobile phones, not even television
Yet we were happy and content

Sadly these days children are hooked on activities that take away from family interactions
The computer and mobile phone is a daily activity for most children and adults alike
The fabric of society is breaking down
Children are at risk from predators that wish them harm
The internet host a variety of sites that target our children
Exploiting them and preying on their innocence
We have to stop these monsters

We at DeCouto want to help to bridge the gap
We want to see families spend more time together
This is why we created the Thumb Buddies
We know there is no short term solution to many of life's struggles
We just want to be part of the solution, part of bringing families together

We think one way is through laughter and good old fashioned values
The Thumb Buddies encompass  everything that is good and wholesome

Through these little beings we hope to reach kids
To help to protect them through play
We are hoping that you  can help us to spread the word

Check out our website and find out all about the Thumb Buddies and their mission
Join us - Help us to Protect All Children

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