Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thumb Buddies Arrive in Ireland

Ireland - Team Thumb Buddies have landed on your shore

Meet  Shaker, Cookie, Mr. & Mrs. Oopsie

They bring  love and positive vibes

They are wholesome, entertaining,  and educational

Read all about them and their many journeys through The Thumb Buddies short stories

Wear their  t-shirts with positive messages

Play their Street Smart Game

They are all about helping to keep you safe and on the right track

Positivity is what they are all about

Thumb Buddies - There 4 You

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thumb Buddies Message to Parents

Parents if you are looking for something wholesome and positive for your children check out the Thumb Buddies.

They are wholesome
They are positive
They are educational
They encompass all that is pure and good

Read about them and follow their many journeys
1st Book with illustrations and coloring book - The Dream
Wear their positive t-shirts
Play their Street Smart Game and help to keep your children safe

The Thumb Buddies are here for you and your children