Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Positive Products For Children

Today it is more and more evident that we need positive products for our children
Violence is on the rise and children are being victimized
Parents, we must arm our children with tools that will help to protect them

The Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game was developed to educate children
To arm them with knowledge on how to protect themselves
Knowing the dangers they face is a must for them to be safe


Along with the Thumb Buddies Street Smart Game we have designed t-shirts with positive messages
We must persevere, we must be strong, we must be positive not only for our children but for everyone young and old


To know all about the Thumb Buddies and their mission read their first short story. It is available in a beautiful, colorful illustrated book called The Dream. 

 We at DeCouto believe that Positive Minds = Positive Choices - Make one today