Monday, February 18, 2019

Our Precious Children

Children are so precious 
Born innocent, pure and beautiful
Dependent on their parents and caregivers for protection and guidance
They are highly impressionable and susceptible

As parents we are the ones who are in control of their upbringing
It is our duty to teach them values
Their minds are open and pure
Surround them with as much positive influences as possible

The Thumb Buddies have come from a dimension far away
Created by a kind and wise wizard
4 incredible magical beings sent to earth to help mankind

Their mission:
To impart positive messages to kids and the community at large
Bring people closer to one another through understanding
Demonstrate that all things are possible when the mind is open
Bringing up a child in this world can be daunting
We all can use a little help
The Thumb Buddies are at your disposal