Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The mind of A Child

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of your child?
What must they think?
How do they feel when they look at the world around them?

As adults we know the dangers that they face 
We face many obstacles ourselves when it comes to everyday existence
Our children look up to us for guidance and protection

We as parents cant be there twenty four hours a day
We have to put trust in others, such as teachers, doctors, police
We know that our most precious gift from God is vulnerable and innocent

We must put them first, do everything we can to give them the means to protect themselves
Sit talk, advise, teach your children how to stay safe

We at DeCouto would like to help you in your struggle
We are parents and have been there, worrying, praying that our child is safe

It is with great joy that we introduce our little friends the Thumb Buddies to you and your children
They are here to help by showing your children how to protect themselves when you at not around
To think on their feet

Read about their journeys and discover their mission.
Meet Cookie, Shaker & Mr. & Mrs. Oopsie
Wholesome, funny, educational and oh so cute and adorable
We know once you discover who they are and what they are all about you will fall in love with them