Monday, April 15, 2019

Pets Are Family

Have you ever looked at your cat or dog and wonder what could be going through their minds?
Animals are just as important as humans
They give us so much love, companionship, loyalty and trust

Such beautiful creatures are the work of GOD just like we are
We must all stand up and protect them
All animals are precious
Look into the eyes of a cow, a pig, a goat or any animal
See the sadness and fear and have compassion

Go Vegan, Go vegetarian
Let our fellow beings Live

The Thumb Buddies love all creatures
Pets are our family
Faithful & Loving to the End

Monday, April 1, 2019

Listen to Your Children

When our daughter was young and sleeping soundly in her bed
I would watch that innocent little face and feel my heart bursting with love
A protective feeling would come over me that was so strong, so intense that it would envelope my whole being
The desire to do everything possible to keep her safe
To protect, to nurture, to advise, to love and always be there for her
These feelings never leave your heart no matter how old they get

Your children need your guidance
They need to know that they are loved
Tell them, show them how much you love them
Prepare them for the world they live in

Our daughter is now a beautiful, kind and thoughtful young woman
I thank God everyday 

Bringing up a child in this world today can be daunting
So many obstacles to overcome
Challenges that can seem insurmountable

How can we inspire our children to be good people?
To do right thing
To be productive members of society
Lead by example and surround them with Positive Influences
Most of all Listen -  Really take the time and Listen to them