Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Stars In Flight

Do you ever wonder when you look up at the stars at night?
Is there life beyond our own?
Is there others that are looking at the same stars tonight?

Well sure and true, far away in a distant galaxy there lives a wise wizard.
Monty is his name, kind and sympathetic and loved by all.
Long ago he visited our world and had a love for mankind.

It was one night as he slept his dreams became truly disturbing.
His crystal ball was glowing ever so bright.
That very night the Thumb Buddies were created.
A symbol of a star was placed on each of their chest that would shine bright.
Their mission sure and true.
Help mankind in their strife.

If you happen to look at the stars one night
Look out for 4 stars that glow real bright.
Moving to earth at the speed of light.
Who or what you may ask is in the light that shine so bright?
World hold on - the Thumb Buddies could be on that very flight.
Their here to help.

Their mission:
To impart positive messages to kids and the community at large.
Bring people closer to one another through understanding.
Demonstrate that all things are possible when the mind is open.

Meet Cookie, Shaker and Mr. & Mrs. Oopsie.

Read all about them  - Their Creation and Mission - in their first coloured illustrated book - THE DREAM