Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Water a plant and it grows, matures and thrives
We live in such a diverse and beautiful world
We as humans depend on the fruits of mother nature
Why then destroy what was given to us
Consider the cost to every living being

There is a reason that there are different creatures living on Earth
Each contribute to this world,  unique and important
All  have the right to live in peace and security

Children are born into this world innocent and pure
Much like a plant if you give them love, protection and guidance they will thrive
Teach them to be kind, loving and respectful to all living creatures

The Thumb Buddies are all about Love & Respect
Coming from a place that values every living being
Far away in a world much like our own
Resides a wise and kind wizard
He treasures, loves and respects all creatures
In return he is loved and treasured by all

We should all work towards a peaceful and loving existence
Join the Thumb Buddies on their many adventures