Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Thumb Buddies Values

More than ever children are in need of direction
Social Media is used more and more by young minds
The capacity to think on their own is being challenged

Children are born into a world full of controversy
They need to think for themselves
To have open minds 

Danger is a real concern in society
Children  are subjected to situations that their young minds find hard to comprehend
We need to arm our children with as much knowledge as we can to protect themselves
To teach them to identify danger to themselves or others

We must also teach our children to be respectful 
To be kind and thoughtful
To not sit in judgement of others 

We as parents need to guide our children
To teach them good values
To be responsible for their own actions
To be honest and just

Values that the Thumb Buddies embody
Join Shaker, Cookie and Mr. & Mrs. Oopsie 
They invite you to go on a journey with them
Discover their world and learn about their mission