Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thanks to Our Heroes

We want to thank all the people who are risking their lives to care for others
You are the true definition of a hero
It is in times of trouble, pain and grief that we see the true character of people
All over the world we are in a fight for our lives
We must pull together in Unity, Love & Compassion

No one should stand alone
For every tear that falls, we cry with you
Our heart aches for you

We pray for all those that even today are been persecuted
For all the poor, homeless and forgotten people we pray for you

With open arms and hearts we reach out to you
Hold on to each other
Open your eyes to the real importance of life
Treasure each and every day
Do not let greed and power encompass your life
Help those who are in need 

May God lay his healing hand on the innocent and pure of heart
From the depths of sorrow he is with you surrounding you with his love

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Together We Are Strong

Our world is in trouble
Our way of life challenged
We the people are in the fight of our lives but we are STRONG
Together we can get through this COVID19 virus

In this surreal moment in time each one of us must Think and Reflect
We must pull together and help each other
We must put our differences aside and unite
No one is invincible to this disease

No matter where we come from, we are all in the same boat
We are at a fragile stage in our life
Rich, poor, old, young, this virus affects us all

If our world stands a chance for survival we must learn from our past
No one should stand alone
Everyone is important and should be cherished

To all the families who have lost a loved one, our heart aches for you
May God comfort and guide you

Wear your mask and gloves
Wash and disinfect your hands
Keep safe