Thursday, July 30, 2020

Come on a Magical Ride with The Thumb Buddies

Times are hard and stress is immense
Worries about the future especially for your children is forever on your minds
You need something that will take you away from everyday worries
Look no further we would like to entertain and brighten your day

The Thumb Buddies would like to take you and your children on a magical ride
Come, sit back and lose yourself in a wholesome fun experience
Get to know the Thumb Buddies

Meet Monty their creator a kind and wise wizard who loves us

The Dream is the first story written and beautifully illustrated
This is a book you can enjoy with your children and take them to a simpler time
A time that will fill their minds with imagination and adventure

The adventure does not stop there but continues with more stories such as - The Journey Begins and The Meeting

Relax and let us take your mind to a wonderful and peaceful place